Florida Voices for Animals Presents

8th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest Nov. 4, 2017


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Check out some of the inspirational and educational speakers who participated in last year's event. Check back soon for updates on this year's speakers!

Adam Sugalski


Adam Sugalski, is the Founder/Executive Director of OneProtest, a Florida based advocacy organization. He has dedicated his efforts to empowering local social justice, environmental, and animal-rights activists and activist communities to carry out peaceful, lawful demonstrations that are well-organized, media-savvy and effective with well-designed, professionally produced posters, and other media. Adam has also co-written essays with Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. about the highly controversial Florida black bear hunt in Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

He is currently assisting numerous nonprofits including LionAid, Animal Recovery Mission, Sea Shepard, Elephant Aid International, and Animal Legal Defense Fund. Adam has been involved in rescue operations at illegal slaughter farms, investigating domestic animal abuse cases, documenting trophy hunting, and undercover work against circuses.

oneprotest.org, www.facebook.com/oneprotest, twitter.com/oneprotestinc

Ellen Jaffe Jones


Ellen Jaffe Jones

Vegan myth buster and host of a radio talk show by the same name, Ellen Jaffe Jones spent 18 years as a 2-time Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter as she watched her mom, aunt and both sisters get breast cancer. She has placed 7th in the US in her age group for the 1500 meters, 1st in Florida in everything from the  50-1500 meters and has placed in 104 5K or longer running races since 2006 "just" on plants. She's the author of 4 popular vegan books including "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," "Paleo Vegan" and just out, "Vegan Fitness for Mortals." A certified personal trainer and running coach, she's a popular speaker on the national circuit, and is described (by many) as one of the top experts in the US on plant-based eating. Her recent personal record of holding a plank position, (competing against bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and documented on YouTube), is 6 minutes, 13 seconds. 

Ellen will lead a Fitness Demo of the basic warm-up and cool-down exercises that have kept her injury free through 35 years of running, raising 3 children while maintaining a vibrant, vegan lifestyle. This demo will be held outdoors during the festival. (Grassy area near the Animal Rescues) 

(Grassy area near the Animal Rescues)

Heather Shenkman MD FACC


Heather Shenkman MD FACC, is an interventional cardiologist in practice in the Los Angeles area.  Originally from Detroit, she attended medical school at Albany Medical College and completed her internal medicine residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. She completed her cardiology fellowship training at University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, and her interventional cardiology fellowship training at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.
While she performs complex angioplasties to open up clogged coronary arteries, she prefers to help her patients reduce their risk of heart disease through not only medication, but also a healthy lifestyle, including a plant-based diet and regular exercise.
Dr. Shenkman has followed a plant-based diet for nearly eleven years.  She is an avid athlete, having completed over a hundred events of various distances, from sprint triathlons to Ironman distance triathlons, marathons and ultramarathons, and several hundred-mile century cycling events. Dr. Shenkman competed internationally in Israel at the Maccabiah Games in 2013, where she won a bronze medal for Team USA.  Most recently, Dr. Shenkman completed Ironman Boulder 2015, her second Ironman distance triathlon.

Dr. Shenkman is a strong believer in a plant-based diet for heart health, as numerous studies have demonstrated prevention and even reversal of coronary artery disease. A plant-based diet has fueled her athletic success, and she encourages her patients toward this diet for their own health as well.   

Vegan Heart Doc

Heather Shenkman MD (@VeganHeartDoc) | Twitter

Jenna Bardroff and Kevin Layton


Jenna Bardroff and Kevin Layton are young founders of Solutionary Species, a growing educational organization committed to uniting people and communities through solutionary ideas. At 14 years old, Jenna initiated her first animal education program at a unique animal sanctuary, the same year she began college and adopted a 100% plant-based lifestyle.

Being vegetarian by personal choice since the age of 5, Jenna has always been motivated by the reward of making the world a more compassionate place. She has engaged in over 17 different vocational commitments primarily in the fields of animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, and education. After graduating with a B.S. degree in Integrative Animal Biology and spending over 10 years researching the consequences of animal agriculture and violent cultural behaviors, she realized that the world’s problems could only be solved through collective and collaborative community efforts. Now an active humane educator with a Master of Arts degree from the Institute for Humane Education (accredited by Valparaiso University), Jenna finds joy in guiding people on their path to making a difference in the world through teaching about simple solutions that overwhelm major problems.

Her dedication to human rights, environmental ethics, and animal protection is demonstrated through her interactive presentations at schools and events. Solutionary Species was established through Jenna and Kevin’s collaborative ideas.

Kevin is a master automotive collision repair technician and uses critical thinking skills each and every day to solve problems. He is a perfect example of how anyone can be a solutionary, regardless of their experiences, career orientation, etc. All his life, Kevin has enjoyed spending time in nature and has developed a responsibility to speak out for environmental protection. Together, Kevin and Jenna were able to host Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp, a 5-day education program designed to teach youth how to save the world each and every day through true leadership, critical thinking, and most importantly, compassion. Kevin and Jenna are now known as an unstoppable rock climbing, humane educating, nature loving, vegan power couple. They continue their pursuit to teach people about how we humans can be considered solutionary species, a species empowered by the desire and responsibility to find solutions for all.


Milton R. Mills, M.D


Milton R. Mills, M.D., serves as Associate Director of Preventive Medicine for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a North American group of doctors and laypersons dedicated to promoting improved health care, better and more appropriate nutrition, and higher standards in medical research. Dr. Mills practices outpatient clinic-based medicine in Northern Virginia and works as a Critical Care physician with Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia and United Medical Center in Washington DC. His varied experience specializing in Internal Medicine and HIV disease, and in the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases has made him extensively knowledgeable about the unique healthcare needs of minorities, the challenges of practicing medicine in inner cities, and the special medical and nutritional requirements of HIV+ and AIDS patients. As an African-American physician focusing on preventive medicine, Dr. Mills has delved into some of the environmental and societal influences affecting the health of African Americans and other racial/ethnic minorities. Dr. Mills has lectured and given research seminars across the United States and in Mexico and Canada on such topics as the negative impacts of meat and dairy consumption on human health; nutrition and HIV/AIDS; nutrition and cancer; and the dietary needs of various ethnic groups. Dr. Mills, who graduated in 1991 from Stanford University School of Medicine, began working with AIDS patients while still in school. He also served as student body president of the medical school, founded the Minority Students' Alliance, and worked as Editor-in-chief and Managing editor of the Stanford Medical School newspaper. He did his internship at the University of California-San Francisco, and completed his residency training at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Dr. Mills' papers on race and diet have appeared in the Journal of the National Medical Association.

Are We Designed To Eat Meat? ~ Milton Mills, M.D. - YouTube

Seba Johnson


Roberta Schiff lives in Rhinebeck NY where she serves as the Coordinator for Hudson Valley Vegans, an organization that brings together vegans and wannabes for both social and community outreach activities.

She has a Master’s Degree in School and Community Health Education from the University of Kansas. Roberta has done presentations and tabling at Veg Expos including Albany and San Francisco and has presented for several years at the Vegetarian Summerfest conference in Johnstown PA.

She has participated in the Tampa Veg Fest for the past five years, tabling as Veghedda, helping people transition to a vegan way of life and is pleased to be asked to speak this year.



Seba Johnson


Seba Johnson, a vegan since birth, was only 14 when she competed in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, making her an Olympic legend as both the youngest Alpine skier in history as well as the first black female skier in history. 

She participated again in the 1992 Olympics in France, but in 1994, Seba declined to compete in the Lillehammer, Norway games due to the country’s commercial minke whale hunt. 

Always an advocate for animals, she was once disqualified from a World Cup event for her ethical objection to wearing a ski suit with a leather patch.  

28 years later, Seba gives presentations nationally and internationally at VegFests, animal rights conferences, universities, social justice seminars, and public schools about her activism during and since making history. 


# Speaker Schedule at Tampa Bay Veg Fest Time
1 Roberta Schiff, Founder of Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society
Intro & Q&A
2 Jenna Bardroff & Kevin Layton
A Beautiful You for A Beautiful World
3 Ellen Jaffe Jones Location TBA
Fitness Demo of the basic warm-up and cool-down exercises
11:00 am
4 Heather Shenkman, MD
Fueling your body for success!
5 Seba Johnson - A two time Olympian
Lifelong activism of a Vegan Since Birth
6 Milton Mills, MD
Diet & Health: Transitioning from the "Standard American Diet to Food that's Good for the Body & Soul
7 Adam Sugalski, Founder/Exec Director of One Protest
Turning Compassion Into Action