Florida Voices for Animals Presents

8th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest Nov. 4, 2017


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2016 MUSIC

Check out some of the fabulous entertainment from last year's event. Check back soon for updates on this year's entertainment.

American Song Box


American Song Box is an original Tampa Bay Area band made up of a collection of diverse and eclectic musicians, writers and artists with a focus on great live performances.







Brian Brown


Brian Brown is an instrumental guitarist from Tampa. His fans have described him as being a "pretty alright dude" and having a "mega chill vibe, man”.  

He draws influences from post rock, ambient, funk, grunge, and Americana, which is very hard to do on an acoustic guitar but it sounds good, we promise.  

Brian is a member of Florida Voices for Animals and is very happy to bring his music to Tampa Bay Veg Fest.



Carlos Pena


Carlos Pena is a multifaceted Colombian singer songwriter that introduces a mix of rhythms and eclectic sounds influenced by genres like Folk, Blues, Salsa, flamenco, Trova Cubana and Bossanova.

2015 marked the release of a pair of singles: Peregrino and Complices. Both songs were produced by David Trujillo (Cid Branko) Since releasing his last two singles, it is apparent that his sound has begun to shift, using more electronic influences and early 90’s production.

He is currently working on his newest EP which will be released in the summer of 2017.



Ella Jet


Ella Jet is a bright-eyed 18yr. old singer-songwriter who digs deep within her music and performs original songs about love, loss, and heartbreak in a style that is way beyond her years.

In 2014 Ella Jet was selected into the prestigious Grammy Museum's Music Revolution Project and already she's opened for National Acts We The Kings, Vonda Shepard, Emily Kinney, In The Valley Below, The Prettiots, The Peach Kings and Lovedrug. She's also played support at Ruth Eckerd Hall for Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas and her musical hero Bob Dylan.

Her debut CD "Black Wave Diary" will be released in 2016 featuring self revelatory songs “Sweet as Sanity”, “Wrong” and “Sunflower”. The songs reflect heavy lyrical subject matter: songs about teenage pain, addiction and family dysfunction with funky soulful grooves underneath. As Ella Jet stated “I like my music to show the simple beauty of a stunted sunflower growing up through the cracks of this crazy messed up world”.

Like the music of John Lennon, her songs are raw and very personal, fragile yet intense. The songs are stripped down to their bare essence and the effect will leave you spellbound. Check out one of Ella Jet’s live performances and get an insight into her very personal Black Wave Diary. 


Jazmine Mateus



Jazmine Mateus is a singer-songwriter who started performing in the Tampa/St. Pete area in 2013, as the lead singer and rhythm guitar player in the band Dojo Jack.

Her solo performances integrate live vocals and acoustic guitar with a looper pedal.

Jazmine enjoys blending rock, blues, country, R&B and jazz when playing covers and original songs.





Michael Nichols


Michael Nichols has been playing in bars, restaurants, venues, and festivals since the age of fourteen. Along the way over the years he has frequently played in beach towns and tiki bars by the pool or the ocean.

Travelling across the country and up and down the east coast he has played in many states. (New York, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut,  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Colorado, Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Florida, California, Oregon, and Alaska).

His music sounds like Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Ysuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens), David Grey and Eddie Vedder.



Will Forever


Will Forever is a peace-loving Singer-Songwriter born and raised in Tampa, living and teaching in Lakeland.  Will has been sharing his original music dubbed "Family-Friendly Indie-Folk" around Central Florida for over 20 years.  Will is especially excited to share his music with his fellow vegans and vegetarians at Veg Fest!

Will's debut album "Greetings" is soon to be released and will be available on his website willforevermusic.com and at Veg Fest.  Will's music is heartfelt and playful like the chorus of his song "Will and Wren Forever" : "Will and Wren Forever... like Super Glue we stick together...” Will’s live shows are just as fun as he invites his audience to clap, sing and whistle along and sometimes even scream!

Come hear Will's soothing voice and catchy guitar playing and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling inspired and even singing and whistling Will Forever's music for quite a while after!



# Band Schedule at Tampa Bay Veg Fest 2015 Time
1 Will Forever 10 am
2 Carlos Pena 11 am
3 American Song Box 12 pm
4 Brian Brown 1 pm
5 Ella Jet 2 pm
6 Michael Nichols 3 pm
7 Jazmine Mateus 4 pm