Florida Voices for Animals Presents

7th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest Nov. 12, 2016


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Cooking Demonstration

Johan Everstijn Chelf As Culinary Director of The Cider Press Café, Johan Everstijn can turn drab into fab and ordinary into extraordinary.

Largely self-trained in raw food preparation, Johan learned about raw vegan food by doing a 14-day detox challenge. Amazed at how much better he felt, he immediately started improving on the recipes and shared his results in a blog.

Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney soon hired Johan to instruct at his accredited raw vegan academy, and later, as the restaurant’s executive chef.

Now having gone out on his own, Johan's eye for design and beauty go beyond the plate and are evident in the modern design and minimalist styling of the restaurant itself.



Cooking Demonstration

Michelle Odiorne Chelf

Michelle Odiorne is a passionate whole food plant-based cook and avid organic gardener.  Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, as a teenager she developed her love for cooking watching her father prepare meals for his family and fellow firefighters.  She completed her Associate’s degree in Business at Indiana University, South Bend while working full time as an outside salesperson and raising three children. 

Michelle attended a whole food plant-based immersion in the summer of 2012 which confirmed the connection between food and health.  Since then Michelle and her husband Bruce have embraced the whole food plant-based lifestyle and enjoy many health benefits.  She is a graduate of Cornell University’s certification program in plant-based nutrition.

Michelle and Bruce recently presented “What’s Cooking”, a series of four course sit-down dinners at a yoga studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They demonstrated how to incorporate whole food plant-based nutrition into quick, easy, affordable meals.

Since February, 2013, Michelle has successfully facilitated monthly whole food plant-based potlucks featuring guest speakers in the Tampa Bay area.  She is an Ambassador for PlantPure Nation which premiered the Documentary PlantPure Nation [Motion Picture] in 2015, and is a PlantPure Nation POD Co-Leader for Tampa Bay Roots for Plants.  Michelle was recently featured on the podcast Conversations with Lee Fulkerson, writer and director of the acclaimed documentary film Forks over Knives and writer of PlantPure Nation.

Michelle’s on-going goal is to provide necessary information to individuals, corporations and communities about the benefits of adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle.  She offers cooking demonstrations, seminars, speaking engagements, and menu development.  Visit her Facebook page, Michelle’s WFPB Journey (www.facebook.com/MichellesJourney2WFPBNutrition/). 

She can be reached at Modiorne7@msn.com.

Cooking Demonstration

Vicki Chelf

Vicki Chelf is the author of 8 cookbooks including, Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain, The Arrowhead Mills Cookbook, Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen, with a forward by Dr. Neal Barnard and most recently, Pulp Kitchen.

Vicki has been teaching vegetarian cooking since the mid 1970’s and vegan cooking since the 80’s.

She has a bachelors of science in Holistic Nutrition and is a fine arts graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design.

For more information on Vicki go to http://www.pulpkitchen.org/books  www.pulpkitchen.org

Cooking Demonstration

The Vegan Gents

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Vegan myth buster and host of a radio talk show by the same name, Ellen Jaffe Jones spent 18 years as a 2-time Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter as she watched her mom, aunt and both sisters get breast cancer. She has placed 7th in the US in her age group for the 1500 meters, 1st in Florida in everything from the  50-1500 meters and has placed in 104 5K or longer running races since 2006 "just" on plants. She's the author of 4 popular vegan books including "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," "Paleo Vegan" and just out, "Vegan Fitness for Mortals." A certified personal trainer and running coach, she's a popular speaker on the national circuit, and is described (by many) as one of the top experts in the US on plant-based eating. Her recent personal record of holding a plank position, (competing against bodybuilder Robert Cheeke and documented on YouTube), is 6 minutes, 13 seconds. 

Ellen will lead a Fitness Demo of the basic warm-up and cool-down exercisesthat have kept her injury free through 35 years of running, raising 3 children while maintaining a vibrant, vegan lifestyle. This demo will be held outdoors during the festival. 

Cooking Demonstration

The Vegg'd Out Vegan Kitchen

Yourhighness Tafari, Vegg'd Out Vegan Kitchen is an all vegan food catering service based out of Tampa, Florida. Enacted in March 2014, it spawned as an all delivery service with the primary objectives of providing cleaner eating at an affordable rate, and debunking the myth of vegan food being nasty. Fast forward to present day, and Vegg'd Out now provides free vegan food preparation classes, regularly participates in educationally oriented seminars, provides periodical catering to community driven events, and more. Owned and operated by Yourhighness Tafari (Chef), and Erica Cobb (Baker), they truly bring a family affair to this movement, as they are siblings. Their mission is to assist in the liberation of the Human Spirit by self-empowering those seeking to improve their quality of life, by the consumption choices they make. With a unique blend of substance and flare, Vegg'd Out truly possesses an unrivaled taste that is paramount in the battle against corporate greed. 


Schedule of Cooking Demonstrations

# Cooking Demonstrations at Tampa Bay Veg Fest Time
1 Johan Everstijn, The Cider Press Café
Demo Presentation - Chocolate Truffles
2 Vicki Chelf
Demo Presentation - Nut Butter pulp balls & pulp slaw

Ellen Jaffe Jones
Placing first in Florida running on a protein-rich vegan diet.

4 Yourhighness Tafari, Vegg'd Out Vegan Kitchen -
Cashew Cream Pasta & RazzyLemon Raw Vegan CheezKake
5 Michelle Odiorne
Demo Presentation - Caribbean Style Black Beans with Rice & Tropical Island Breeze Smoothie